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IRS Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions

Key members of the IRS transition to EIS included Steve Hix. Before retirement, as the Government Program Manager, Steve established the IRS EIS PMO and ensured a Contract was written and awarded for support to all of the IRS' EIS efforts to include; the Toll Free Contact Center (TFCC) Fair Opportunity, the Local Service Agreements (LSA) fair opportunity and the Treasury led effort for Treasury EIS (TEIS) which will replace the Treasury wide area network (TNet), Remote Access and ETel contracts.

IRS Convergence

Ed Cormier was the Project Executive sponsor while Steve Hix was the original Program Manager. Their efforts ensured this $150M+ transformation from disparate legacy TDM systems successfully transitioned to a single, unified system at over 600 sites for 100,000 employees. Their efforts reduced legacy POTS lines from 30,000 to less than 5,000 providing annual savings of over $22M. 

NWS Back-up Telecommunications Gateway

Ed Cormier was the project manager specifically brought in to recover a troubled project. The NWS Gateway was 5.3 mil over budget and 24 months behind schedule. During Ed's tenure over 5,000,000 lines of code was developed, budget was recovered and the program was declared operational. NWSTG went from the worse rated GAO EVMS rated project to the 2nd highest.


Ed Cormier was the Program Manager and Steve Hix was one of the Project Managers who successfully transitioned over 700 IRS locations to the new MPLS wide area network provided by AT&T. Once accomplished this new WAN provided the IRS with a state-of-the-art WAN with capabilities for VoIP, paving the way for the Convergence project. 

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