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To see what Veteran Innovation has to offer you in creating better, more compliant proposals, click on the link above. Then, if interested, contact us and we will get you set up & provide any & all assistance as desired.

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IT Program Management
IT Project Management
IT Trade-Study Analysis
IT Alternative Analysis
Management of Complex IT Systems
Proposal Development
Statement of Work Development & Proposal Review Process


The Veteran Innovation IT Principles Ed Cormier and Steve Hix have worked on many projects separately and collaboratively. Many of these projects have been at the enterprise level with agencies over 100,000 staff and 500+ sites. A partial list of these projects include:

  • Decennial Census Local Census office deployment                           $100,000,000

  • NWS Gateway & Backup Telecommunications Gateway                   $90,000,000

  • Department of Treasury TNET project                                                  $500,000,000+

  • IRS Convergence project                                                                          $135,000,00

Ed Cormier & Steve Hix have successfully deployed large enterprise projects from cradle to grave including the SOW phase to the completion of the project on Schedule, Within Budget and meeting Technical Requirements. 

Our ability to fully document projects leveraging PMI standards to manage projects include the development of the SOW, WBS, Schedule and Requirements to comprehensively plan the project. Through the usage of EVMS, Risk and Communications Plans, Budgets, data driven status reports to Manage the project on a daily basis we have proven ourselves to be successfully every time. From project closeout reports, analysis of requirements changes and deficiencies, Quality Management and Quality Control processes and procedures we know how to make you successful. 

Ed Cormier and Steve Hix combined have taken over troubled projects and got them back on track, and managed projects to meet all objectives. You will not find better Project Managers in industry that use data driven decisions, effective communications and formal reporting procedures.

We have never had a project that experienced significant delays or budget overruns.

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