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Presidio Corporation

We have a teaming agreement to leverage Presidio's capabilities in the Information Technology space and are an approved small-business partner. As a SDVOSB company, Veteran Innovation can  solve your most complex challenges, knowing that we have prearranged access to all of Presidio. "Presidio is the premier provider of digital transformation solutions built on secure digital infrastructure deployed in a multi-cloud world." To see more about what Veteran Innovation can provide you via Presidio see Presidio at

Lancer Corporation

Veteran Innovation LLC and Lancer Corp have entered a Team Agreement leveraging Lancer's SEWP V Group B contract. Both Lancer and Veteran Innovation are VA approved SDVOSB's teaming to expand their small-business footprint in the Veteran's Administration, Department of Commerce, Department of Treasury, and the various Health agencies. 

Lancer and Veteran Innovation partnership with Presidio Corp will ensure we  provide quality RFQ's and services via the SEWP V vehicle.

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